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Thermomix Consultant - 3 years Thermomix Team Leader - 2 years Thermomix Branch Manager - 3 years Thermomix Cooking Class, Events & Commercial Specialist - 1 year Creator of Cook Live Love Creator of 6 online Thermomix cooking classes/courses Creator & presenter of The Ultimate Thermomix Workshop - LIVE

Cook Live Love
Cook Live Love

Will you BINGE or CHILL and catch the REPLAYS?

Will you BINGE or CHILL and catch the REPLAYS?

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About Fleur: Fleur was born and raised in Toowoomba, Queensland, where she learned to love cooking with good simple ingredients from her Mother and Grandmothers. Growing up she was given free rein to experiment in the kitchen.

Moving to Brisbane in 1991 and now the mother of 2 teenagers, Fleur still loves to cook from scratch just like her mother and grandmothers did but knows first hand how challenging that can be in today's modern world.

"I always aspired to be like my Nan, making every single thing her family ate from scratch with whole ingredients and a lot of LOVE but that took up most of her time. When I had my own growing family and working as well it was almost impossible to cook from scratch daily which meant we ate a lot of processed and take away foods", Fleur says.

"But that all changed the day a good friend introduced me to the wonders of the Thermomix®. I fell in LOVE with the machine instantly and a few months later became a consultant. That was over 9 years ago now."

Over the past 9 years with Thermomix® in Australian Fleur has been a Consultant, a Team Leader, Branch Manager as well as the Cooking Class specialist and Special Projects Lead. In that time Fleur has helped thousands of customers who all have the same challenge - making quick, delicious and nutritious meals EVERY SINGLE DAY!

"Over the past decade, I've gathered a lot of knowledge around solving the biggest kitchen challenges. I know people want meals that are quick, simple, delicious and cost-effective and I can help them achieve that with their Thermomix®", Fleur adds.

Cook Live Love is Fleur's purpose project born out of her passion for helping people COOK easily to LIVE a better life and LOVE the ones around them. The Ultimate Thermomix® Workshop has been designed by Fleur to, in just a few short hours, address the biggest and most common kitchen problems. You will walk away inspired to cook in your Thermomix more, but more importantly, have practical steps you can take straight away to make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier.

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